Outdoor Gait Analysis

Advances in recent years in wearable technology have made it possible to perform meaningful and highly relevant gait and biomechanical analysis on runners away from the conventional indoor treadmill environment. Malc Kent has developed into one of the leading experts in this field of running assessment and today he offers 3 assessment and coaching options for amateur and elite level runners who want to understand more about how they move, gain performance benefits and reduce their risk of injury.


Drawing on a deep background in applied physics, data analysis, technology application and athletic coaching, Malc Kent has helped more than 2000 runners access improved understanding of their running. Learn more about how Guinness World Record Holder, Marathon Fund Raiser, Writer and Motivational Speaker Martin Parnell gains insight into his running mechanics to help him complete ultra endurance races.

The Ultimate Analysis Possible

Get evaluated on real trails that reflect where and how you normally run

Incorporate strength, range of motion and functional movement testing

Run at different paces and see how your gait changes with the challenge level

Understand your running form better with ultra high speed video analysis

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Running Specific Strength Training

Over the last 11 years of coaching dozens of athletes across more than 10 countries and multiple continents, Malc Kent has observed first hand how most common injuries are rooted in a lack of adequate functional strength and tissue resiliency. For the past 6 years he has refined an expert-level approach to strength training runners such that their risk of injury is dramatically reduced. Today Malc offers one-to-one hands on strength training sessions to runners of all levels that reflects everything he has learned from years of empirical learning and mentorship from the world’s best.


Want to run free of worry and doubts and dramatically reduce your chance of getting injured?


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  • Gait Analysis

  • $200/time
    • 1 session: 90min
    • Indoor and Outdoor
    • Full take-away results

  • Gait Analysis & Strength Training

  • $250/pack
    • 1 session: 90min
    • 1 session: 30min
    • 100% individualized

  • Strength Training

  • $100/time
    • 1 session: 60min
    • Fully comprehensive
    • 100% individualized

*all prices quoted are in CAD Canadian Dollars.

Booking An Assessment

If you would like take advantage of the chance to learn more about your running, access performance improvements and significantly reduce your risk of future training injuries, contact Malc Kent today to begin organizing your customized assessment session.

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